About Lights On Solar

Solar Power has come a long way. There are over 100,000 rooftops with solar now in California! In some ways solar is elegant and simple: sunlight in, electricity out. But in many ways including the shape and shading of your roof, sizing the system correctly, choosing the best components, thinking through the purchase and financing alternatives, navigating the permitting and inspection process, the aesthetics of the system—there are plenty of complexities. And there is a tremendous amount of wrong and biased information about solar in the news.

If you don’t know for sure how much you pay for electricity or what a kilowatt-hour is, or what an inverter is, or if you don’t know how a PPA (power purchase agreement) works, or you’re not sure how to choose between system components or how to think about the reliability, or if anything else about solar is confusing, I can help you get started or un-stuck.

I teach solar workshops for homeowners and students and I love easing solar confusion and clarifying choices!

If you’d like to get started, Contact Me.